Coatings Technical Group Event 14 Sept

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Event: Coatings Technical Group Event
Event Date: 14 September 2017
Event Location: Tasmania, Australia
Event Venue:  Salamanca Inn, Hobart
Sponsorship Opportunites: One(1) available $3,000 AUD each

Event Overview:

The ACA Coatings Technical Group is preparing a one day technical program to bring industry experts together to share their knowledge and investigate ways to better improve the longevity of protective coatings in a variety of applications and environments.

For the coating application contractor, consultants, suppliers and other key stakeholders keeping abreast of the technological advances and understanding the importance of their role in protecting our assets is of utmost importance.  This event aims to explore the protective coatings industry by looking at case studies, new technologies, environmental considerations and industry qualifications, standards and training.

Topics to be covered (but not limited to) will include:

  • Options and alternatives for materials and coatings
  • Case studies and examples from lessons learnt
  • Influencing factors need to be addressed at the design stage
  • Coatings rule – environmental considerations
  • Correct Specification of Coatings
  • New Technologies
  • Review of Coatings Systems via their application including; Commercial, Chemical or Marine

.Sponsorship Benefits:

  1. The opportunity to give a 30 – 40 minute non-commercial presentation (presentations must follow ACA guidelines and be formally approved by ACA)
  2. Two complimentary registrations at the event
  3. Opportunity to display a company banner
  4. A4 advertisement in the delegate hardcopy booklet of presentations which is issued to each delegate and speaker
  5. 50% discount on a half or full page ad in the Corrosion & Materials edition prior to the event
  6. Company logo on the following;
    1. The event promotional flyer/registration form
    2. The ACA website and hyperlinked to company website
    3. The event title slide
    4. Any event advertisements that are produced

Sponsor this Event