Corrosion & Asset Management 31 Aug

Event: Corrosion & Asset Management
Event Date: 31 August 2017
Event Location: Sydney, Australia
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Event Overview:

Modern asset management practices help organisations improve efficiency and reduce costs by identifying the lowest lifecycle cost construction, maintenance and renewal options.

Because corrosion influences materials selection, maintenance planning and renewals decisions, as well as influencing product quality and risk management, understanding corrosion is an essential part of successful asset management.

This event will provide an opportunity to find out how knowledge of corrosion supports good asset management, both in theory and through real-world examples.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  1. The opportunity to give a 30 – 40 minute non-commercial presentation (presentations must follow ACA guidelines and be formally approved by ACA)
  2. Two complimentary registrations at the event
  3. Opportunity to display a company banner
  4. A sponsor trestle table at the event where the sponsor can display a company banner and company collateral
  5. A4 advertisement in the delegate hardcopy booklet of presentations which is issued to each delegate and speaker
  6. Company logo on the following;
    • The event promotional flyer/registration form
    • The ACA website and hyperlinked to company website
    • The event title slide
    • Any event advertisements that are produced