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Setup Your New Event

To make your event work we need some information.

This is the size of the Title

Please do not include the date or location in the title

Your Event Information

Most people will read the first few lines. Include the reason people should attend your event and any special things happening.

  • Is Dinner included?
  • Are Drinks on offer?

    Don't include the following as we add them in later

  • Location
  • Special Parking Instructions
  • RSVP details
  • HTML Tables
  • External Images (upload them)
  • Copyrighted images.

  • Add some photos (optional)

    Please ensure that:

  • Not too large
  • Is the photo in focus
  • Does it have good lighting
  • Does it help to describe your event?

  • Add a table to show speaker schedules etc (optional)

    If you would like to include a table please attach in CSV format to this form. The first row of the spreadsheet will be your table headings. You can add or remove as many rows or columns as you need but simple is better on mobile devices

    Download an Example Table
    Please download the Example (above) to see an example format

    Uploading your Print Flyer (optional)

    We will make your flyer downloadable from your Event page and that link will also be included in your mail outs so that people can print it.

    Modern Techonology!

    Over half the people looking at your event will not never see the flyer as they are on a phone or tablet.
    Please add all the informatation about your event to this event template

    If you have a flyer please attach it here

    Lock in the Dates!

    This would be your RSVP

    Setup your Venue

    Please include the full address on a single line so that Google maps work on your ticket.

    The Venue Name

    Your Event Sponsors (optional)

    Your Event sponsors linked Logo will be added to the Event.

    If your sponsor is an ACA member we just need the Event sponsors name.

    Pricing and Tickets

    Contact Details

    Please check the information below before sending

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