Protecting New Zealand Infrastructure 11 May

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Event: ACA New Zealand Technical Event
Event Date: 11 May 2017
Event Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Event Venue:  Quality Hotel Parnell

Sponsorship Opportunities: One (1)  available $3,000 (AUD) each

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Exhibition Opportunities: Ten in total – Sold Out

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Event Overview:

Aging infrastructure is a global challenge that impacts all types of structures. From bridges to buildings, tunnels to transmission towers, and pipelines to power poles.  While some Asset Owners look at their assets in terms of depreciation, with the assumption that it will be replaced at some point into the future; the reality is the ability to replace the asset with a similar or even improved version is often found to be challenging, if not impossible.

For example, bridges typically are designed for 100 years life, after which in theory they will be replaced. This may be true in some cases, but what about large bridges on the main traffic routes? The cost to remove and rebuild may be higher than originally thought, plus with the continued population growth and increase in demand, its closure is likely to cause significant disruptions to the road users. Hence in some cases, it may be more cost effective to ensure the continued and dependable performance of the bridge beyond its original design life.

This is why the philosophies of Maintenance Planning and Corrosion Management should be integral parts of the overall Asset Management Plan. This seminar will discuss and provide case studies, on the challenges and different tools that asset owners, managers and engineers should consider. From condition monitoring and assessment, durability design, remediation, and in turn the development of Maintenance Plan and Corrosion Management strategies; all with the ultimate aim of providing the lowest whole-of-life cost benefit for the asset over its design life and beyond.

Sponsorship Benefits:

  1. The opportunity to give a 30 – 40 minute non-commercial presentation (presentations must follow ACA guidelines and be formally approved by ACA)
  2. Two complimentary registrations at the event (one of these includes the speaker)
  3. A sponsor trestle table at the event where the sponsor can display a company banner and company collateral
  4. A4 advertisement in the delegate hardcopy booklet of presentations which is issued to each delegate and speaker
  5. 50% discount on a half or full page ad in the Corrosion & Materials edition prior to the event
  6. Company logo on the following;
    1. The event promotional flyer/registration form
    2. The ACA website and hyperlinked to company website
    3. The event title slide
    4. Any event advertisements that are produced

Trade Table Exhibitors:

A trestle table with power at the event where the exhibitor can display a company banner and company collateral, the tables are located in the room where arrival tea & coffee, morning tea, afternoon tea will be served

  • One complimentary registration at the event
  • Company name/logo on the delegate pre-arrival confirmation e-mail

Please note that once the all trade exhibition tables have been sold, table locations will be awarded in order that applications were received.

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